Join the Verizon Partner Program

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Competitive Compensation

We’ve updated our payout plan to be more competitive and better reward you for your sales efforts.

Broaden Your Offering

Earn the trust of your customers by leveraging the Verizon brand, our analyst-supported leadership position (Gartner, IDC, Forrester), and our innovative solutions portfolio across a wide variety of industries and applications.

  • Networking: Enhance your solutions with a reliable network infrastructure to connect locations, increase productivity, and maintain high performance
  • Advanced Communications and Collaboration: Help your customers communicate and collaborate with quick, easy access to information and resources
  • Cloud, IT, and Applications: Empower customers to increase IT capacity or add capabilities quickly and without large capital investments
  • Mobility: Enable customers to work from virtually anywhere, at anytime, on any device to help boost efficiency, agility, and productivity
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Help your customers enable new business models, make timely, informed decisions, and improve customer experiences

Easier than Ever

Here’s what we’ve done to make it simpler to do business with us: Simplified processes. Centralized management on our Partner Portal. Streamlined the on-boarding process. Expedited quoting, contracting, and ordering. Updated our deal registration. And more. All to make a stronger bottom line easier for you.

Discover New Opportunities

Working with Verizon, you can uncover more sales opportunities through access to our direct sales and enterprise accounts.

Collaborate Your Way

The Verizon Partner Program gives you the flexibility to work with us in the way that works best for your business:

  • Agent: Sell selected products and services as a Verizon representative
  • Resale: Package and market selected solutions
  • Sell With: Jointly market and present complementary solutions alongside us